Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I found a low-calorie frosting recipe online a couple weeks ago (I'm all about low cal/fat foods), and have been wanting to try it. It consists of 8oz fat-free sour cream, and 1 (normal sized) sugar-free pudding packet. Easy enough. I'm just wondering how it will actually taste. I forgot to get a box of cake mix the last time I went grocery shopping, so I found a recipe online and figured I'd give it a try. Well, the batter was good...good enough to eat about 2 cupcakes worth of it that was extra after filling the cupcake paper things! After counting calories since Feb., and not eating too many sweets either, all that batter made me feel so...blah. That's the only descriptive word I can think of. I'm sure y'all know how it feels when you eat too much junk! Of course I had to taste a cupcake after it cooled off a little, and it wasn't I would use the same recipe again. I just tried to make the frosting, and YUCK! It tasted just like pudding, but it was like really lumpy. Imagine making pudding, but using like 1/4 of the amount of milk it calls for. If I wanna eat something that tastes like pudding, I'll just have pudding. I don't think I'll ever try that again. Next time I want chocolate frosting, I'll take all the fat and calories, and just make chocolate buttercream Wilton has on their website. I've made that a couple times. It's so good I could eat it off a spoon, and I'm pretty sure I have before! I guess we'll be eating frost-less cupcakes...oh well!

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