Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dresses for Tristen

Well, I really wanted to keep up with blogging since I started this one, but we've been all over since Steve got home. When we were back home last month, I was able to make Tristen a dress!

I kinda just went with it, and didn't use a pattern for this. It was a little long, so I finally fixed the hem on it last week when I was making her this other dress...

Steve got a couple of these white t-shirts (which neither of us would wear). I used just about the whole shirt for her dress except the neck, sleeves, the "old navy" and flag. It was pretty easy to do because I didn't have to hem the bottom since that was the bottom of the shirt, and I didn't have to sew the sides. I basically held the shirt up to Tristen to see where to cut for it to be a good length. I cut straight on the front (to be the dress back) right below the flag, and then on the back of the shirt I cut a couple inches higher and rounded the sides. Then from there, I shirred around the dress ( I just kept going until it looked like a good length for the bodice. Finally I cut strips from what was left on the back of the shirt, sewed them together to create one large strip and sewed it around the back and under arms on the bodice, and then crossed it on the back and sewed the ends on!

It's a little too white, and I've been thinking of something to put on it, maybe just on the skirt part. I'm in no hurry to do that though, cuz it's cute on her just the way it it is!

On another note, I got three fabrics when we were in Kauai, one to make a dress for Tristen (of course!), but the other two I plan on making something for myself! Hopefully they turn out!  :)

btw, Has anyone heard of Pinterest? I am TOTALLY addicted!

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