Thursday, June 16, 2011

I need a dressform!

Now that everyone but me is asleep, I figured I'd mess around with the dress I started for myself. I cut the lining of the skirt earlier when Tristen was napping, so I decided I'd pin the darts and the pieces together. Held it up, and it looks ok. I then pinned the skirt to the bodice that I'm almost done with and the I held it up to me again. I swear, I need about 6 arms to get the idea of how the dress will look finished! Trying to hold the back together and not look deformed is pretty hard! I then decided to pin it onto my bra in a couple spots (which helped) and then I was able to put a couple pins in the back. Now it's looking like a dress! We'll see if I get a chance durning nap time tomorrow to cut out the main fabric for the skirt. This whole dressmaking process would be a lot easier if I had a dressform! Yeah right! Like there is any room in our little apartment for one! I guess I should finish this dress first, and maybe sew a couple more, before I really decide to get one. Who knows, this one might turn out HORRIBLE and I may never want to sew anything for myself again!

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