Monday, June 27, 2011

Phone charging pocket

I was looking around on Pinterest last week and saw this! What an AWESOME idea!!! I'm sure just like us, everyone has that area on the counter, or a table, where all the junk collects (junk mail, papers, keys, etc.). Well, that's where I charge my phone. So, when I saw that phone charging holder thing (not sure what it's called since the blog it's on is in German!), I knew I needed to make me one! Of course, my isn't quite the same. I think the one I saw is made of felt, which I don't have and don't feel like going to buy, I just used some fabric I have already. I didn't have a pattern to work with, so I just winged it! I'm not very good with the whole seam allowance, but hey, my phone fits!

Crap! I just rememberd I ordered a cover for my phone (Steve and I just got new phones, and we both got the same one, so I needed to get a cover so he won't accidentally take mine), so it might not fit in the cool little charging pocket I just made!!!! Ugh! Oh well. If it doesn't fit, I'll just have to make another one! :)  That's fine with me; there are a couple things I would do differently if I do make another one (like make it wider!)

I know I just posted earlier about wanting to finish my dress, but I find so many cool things online that I want to make for myself (or Tristen) that it's hard to stick with one project that takes forever, when I can whip something up like my charging phone pocket!

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